Hello, I'm Jacey. I have been playing piano for about 23 years, and I have been teaching for  7 years. My mom has been teaching piano since she graduated high school, so I have been around musical instruction my whole life. 

Music is a gift that touches people all over the world despite different backgrounds, ethnicity, and gender. It is a beautiful, passionate, and creative expression that I believe needs to be cultivated and shared with people of all ages. Children especially can benefit from music through gaining self confidence, learning patience, and expressing themselves in a way that goes beyond words. 

I fell in love with teaching piano the first year I started. Through the years, my love has only grown as I have been blessed with meeting many enthusiastic learners of various ages. In fact, it led me to a whole new career path...starting my own studio with my mom as business partner.


Imagination Studios represents my approach to teaching music. I feel that music is more than just reading notes or knowing the rules - it's about expression and having fun. My philosophy is based on a famous quote by one of the world's most brilliant, Albert Einstein:

"Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions."

I firmly believe that imagination is the foundation for all the arts and sciences we see today. Imagination is the wonder, the possibilities, and the creativity that I wish to bring out in my students. They are the future, and if they are allowed and encouraged to imagine... the solutions they bring to the table later in life will be invaluable.